Irrigation systems

Irrigation Having enjoyed the benefit of your irrigation system throughout summer, as autumn approaches, now is a good time to think about putting your automatic watering system ‘to bed’ for the winter period.

Frosts can cause very expensive damage to some of your equipment so be sure to follow our guidelines;

If you’re a nicenstripy customer your service team will probably be putting your system ‘to bed’ for you over the next few weeks . . . if not we suggest you follow the following...

  • Disconnect computers and place indoors in a frost-free place.
  • Ensure your water supply is turned off at the ‘shut off’ valve or water tap.
  • Open all drainage valves fully and ensure pipework is clear of water.

Following the above steps will ensure that your irrigation system will be ready to re-commission next spring to enjoy for another season. If you are considering having an irrigation system installed, winter is the best time to carry out the works so that everything settles before spring growth. Why not give your local nicenstripy manager a ring on 0800 0142 420 to obtain more information?


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