Get Rid Of Clovers And Daisies


Clover and daisies are plants that are either loved or hated by the homeowner. For many gardeners who did not intentionally plant white clover or daisies, knowing how to control your lawn and garden beds is helpful.

Getting rid of white clover and daisies starts with a healthy lawn. These will grow in areas of low nitrogen and where competition from other plants is small, so making sure that your lawn (and flower beds) are well fertilized will not only help desirable grass plants to grow and keep out weeds, but will also make the soil less friendly to white clover.

In flowerbeds, clover can be kept at bay by using a thick layer of mulch. This will keep the seeds from germinating.

If white clover is already established in your garden, controlling white clover can either be done through hand pulling or by using an herbicide. In either case, while killing the white clover and daisies already in your lawn is easy, you need to understand that killing the seeds is not. The seeds can survive high heat, low temperatures and can stay dormant for years before germinating. Whichever method you choose for getting rid of these weeds, you can expect to be doing it once a year to control the plants that emerge from the seeds.

Hand pulling is an organic and common way to get rid of white clover and daisies. They frequently grow in clumps, which make hand pulling easy. When hand pulling white clover, make sure that you pull out as much of the root system as possible to reduce the amount of regrowth.

Killing with herbicide is also a common way to deal with these weeds, especially over larger areas. Most Lawn Care companies provide a service that will help reduce the amount of clover and daisies in a lawn over time.

Herbicide, if applied correctly, is the better option, as it will kill the roots of the plants as the chemical works its way down into the roots.

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